MS Can Solutions is Expert in Metal, Glass, Plastic, & Flexible Packaging, and can Provide you with:-
  • Business Intelligence – Producers capacity, investments
  • Marketing Intelligence – Production and Consumption of Packaging
  • Packaging Intelligence – Cost and Sustainability
  • Competitive Intelligence – Metal and Glass Packaging


Expert in Packaging Solutions with over 40 years experience of taking ideas into action. Unusual combination of expert technical, market analysis, and business skills, in metal, glass, flexibles, and plastic packaging.

Mergers and Acquisitions over 25 years experience in glass and metal packaging, including USA, Canada, Brazil, China, India, Middle East, Australasia, and Europe – UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece,Poland, and Ukraine.

Skills honed from American Can, NaCanco, Pechiney, American National Can, Impress, and Ardagh.

Worked in R&D, Forensics R&D, Thermal Process scheduling, Engineering, Sales, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions.

In depth knowledge of Beverage can, Food can, Paint Can, Aerosol can, Glass Packaging, Flexible Packaging and Plastic Packaging.

Knowledge of material usage and conversion costs, margin analysis for most cans and most packages in the market.

Experience of site location, decision making matrix, complete project management for new business gained from projects on every continent.

Bringing your idea to market

Marketing Intelligence

Compiling multiple sources, determining base volume and value by country by player and the top players profile and value. Defining the accessible market, re-mapping supply demand economics for the defined market.

Packaging Intelligence

Identifying relative cost across all packaging. Mapping the competing forces. Technology transfer from one region to another, optimising the package. LCA analysis by pack type, optimisation impact.

Strategic Planning

Obtaining missing information for the plan. Defining the levers and your competitive advantage.

Due Diligence

Over 25 years experience, multiple projects world-wide.

Technical Evaluation

Risk identification, process evaluation, economic evaluation, identifying the traps, and finding solutions

Mark Smyth


Education : University Cardiff Biochemistry B Sc hons, Salford University Chemistry post grad.Professional diploma MIFST





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